• Screen, evaluate and administer individual treatment to preschool through high school aged children with speech and language deficits.
  • Consult with families and professionals (e.g.: occupational therapists, tutors, teachers) regarding the child’s overall performance and goals in all settings.
  • Coordinate treatment with teachers from various private and public schools in Chicago
  • Cases include: language (including literacy and social skills), fluency, disordered phonology in conjunction with phonological awareness and articulation.
  • Present to teachers and parents at various schools in Chicago
  • Part of PediaSource, an expert panel for parents with questions
  • Consult with Wolcott School for the 2017-2018 school year
  • Supervised Rush University graduate students during their first clinical placement 2016 and 2017.
  • Presenter at American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Schools convention in 2012
  • Presenter at Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association annual convention in 2008
  • Presenter at Learning Disabilities Association annual national convention also in 2008
  • Guest lecturer at Northwestern University’s Communication Disorders Department and National Louis University’s “Intro to Special Education” class.
  • Former presenter for Best Practices: Training and Consulting-providing inservices for teachers


Agassiz Elementary School 

  • Evaluated and adminstered treatment to students in a self-contained classroom designed for students with severe speech and language disorders. Team taught with a classroom teacher.
  • Worked closely wth general education teachers, parents, occupational therapists, and other special educators.
  • Case included: language, fluency, alternative & augmentative communication, and phonology.
  • Students ranged in ages from 7 – 11 years with diagnoses of learning disability, emotionally/behaviorally disturbed, attention deficit with hyperactvity disorder, autism, cleft palate, and cerebal palsy.
  • Supervised a Northwestern University graduate student during her school-based practicum.
  • Team Leader of Special Education
  • Contributor with Least Restrictive Environment Grant
  • Participant with Arts Partnership
  • Participant in School Improvement Plan

Spalding Elementary and High School 

  • Evaluated and administered treatment to students in a predominantly special education setting.
  • Worked closely with teachers, parents, doctors, and other staff including speech-language pathologists.
  • Cases included: language, fluency, alternative & augmentative communication, oral-motor/feeding, phonology, and motor speech.
  • Students ranged in ages from 8 – 21 years with diagnoses of traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, autism, cerebral palsy, and mild to profound cognitive and physical disabilities.

Chicago Association for Retarded Citizens, La Paz School 

  • Coordinating Teacher, taught 13 – 17 year-olds needing pervasive support


  • Evaluated and administered treatment to children affected by and infected with HIV. Families also were at risk for or had involvement with Department of Children and Family Services.
  • Worked as part of a team with peer counselors, nurses, developmental psychologists, occupational therapists, and case managers primarily in the homes as well as the hospital.
  • Cases included: language, oral/motor feeding, phonology, and fluency. Children ranged in ages from 0 – 7 years with diagnosis of developmental delay, prematurity, cognitive anomalies, in addition to HIV or AIDS.